Creative Juices

The creative juices are always flowing within each of us. It just our choice where and how to build the pipeline for the creativity to flow through. All our creative awareness exists in all we are at the moment. All our past and present converge in the moment when we create. Okay, let's just take our head out of the clouds for a moment and exist in the moment. When we create we are always waiting for the right tools. But, those tools that we're looking for are only tools and not the process of creating itself. For example, I wanted to play the drums, all kinds of drums. The first drum that I had was something very simple, but I chose to learn rhythm and chose to experience what I was at that moment. On a side note, not one musical note, brush of a paint brush, writing of a thought or any other creative action at the moment will ever happen again. It is that moment and that is all. So, if we wait for the perfect time then it will never happen. Yes, this is where the idea of flow comes again. So, as we near the end of the year, don't look back at what was missed or forward to what is to come. Make the moments what they are at the moment. And, enjoy the creative juices as they flow. But, most importantly, give them a pipeline to flow through.

Also, FYI, Jenn and I will be performing for First Night SpokaneĀ  so come an join us if you're near.

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