Moving Forward...Being in the Moment

My birthday was the first of this month. Okay, what is the for stating that? Well, time for one thing. Yes, I am a year older, but that's not what's important. The importance is to know that it is a moment. The moment that is socially and communally important. A birthday is a celebration. I have to refer back to Walt Whitman with the idea of "Celebrate Myself." We don't need a day to celebrate who we are and what we are. Awards aren't going to define us, they give us definition to others based on standards created by others. The true self is that person who we are when we smile to ourselves, or simply share it with another. That moment is what means something. A person does not climb a mountain to see the other side or for bragging rites (and if the do, it soon passes and that person is looking for the next thing to satisfy that missing part of of him or herself). The person does it because he or she wants to feel the moment of being. With courage and strength, the person takes the steps forward. But, the moments are what make it important. The beauty around, the difficulties. That is what means more than a date, what we are given or what we find are goals. This is a very difficult concept to master. (I continue to work on it myself.) But, when I am in that moment, it is real. The real me. And, it is the real you.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021