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Working and balancing projects is not easy. It's been a little while since my last post, and it's time to write up. Working on continually improving as a Voice Over is such a continual practice that there is never an end. But, working on projects and auditions is also important. Also, I'll be going back to teaching in the next few weeks and directing several shows at the same time. I also was to spend important time with my family. So, the meaning behind this entry is, yep, balance. It's a very difficult prospect to promise one's self. To work on projects with enthusiasm, but never expecting a specific result. Knowing when to work on the project and when to stop. It's all a balance. No one can be "At Peace" all the time. Everyone feels irritated, angry, happy, joyful and all the other emotions that follow. But, the meaning behind the moment (yes, the moment idea comes up again) is the most important quality of balance. Feeling the emotions and ideas and working towards the goals is important, but so is understanding personal balance.

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