A Road Built By You

There is a road for each of us. Like the many cars on the freeway and streets. We each have our destinations, our purpose for driving and the reasons for going to those places. But, we don't know them. We travel forward to our own destination. But, how many of those people are traveling to the destination of their choosing. Rather than needing or having to be where they are going, how many of them are choosing to go where they are going. The answer is most if not all of them. But, some of them, if they have to go to work, buy gas for their car, or any other task they they feel they are required to do are places they think is not of their choosing. It all is of our choosing. We create our road before we drive it. It may be rocky or smooth. We may travel for long distances or feel we are required to travel to certain places, but we choose each and every direction. We can create the road, the problem is that when we create it we can't always see where it may be going, so we become frustrated and feel that others have stopped us, diverted us or kept us from reaching where we feel is our destination. But, that is not true.

The most difficult aspect of personal responsibility is to know that we have chosen the direction, whether consciously or unconsciously, we choose the direction and build the road before we traveled it. The goal is to recognize that we created it and, while traveling the road, work to recognize how and what we want to create as our future road. But, just like road construction, it takes time, focus, the ability to envision what we can and commit to the construction no matter the cost. Only then can we take the creative step forward to the future of our choosing.