Change is not always by choice

Change comes if we want it to or if it is placed upon us. We can embrace change or we can deny it. Either way, we need to know it comes. Finishing producing 6 Characters in Search of an Author was difficult. It was a challenge, but one I sought out.And, then, during the run of the show there were difficulties beyond the production that came up that were more personal. And, now, times have changed. Yes, change is a good thing. I watch my son grow from a baby to a little boy and it warms my heart to see him grow, but he will never find his way back. Unlike Peter Pan, we all must grow up. If we don't then the pains of life will surround us instead of finding the joys as well. We will be forced to be engulfed with change all at once. And, with no control, we will feel a sense of fear within ourselves. So, where is that balance I talk about? Well, it's different with change. Everything comes at a cost. You lost one thing for another. You can adapt and maybe regain what you wanted if it was taken from you, but it's what you choose that's the most important. And, the effects of those choices will resonate like ripples in a pond, a river and an ocean.