Experience the Creative Self

Tomorrow I will be performing with a fellow musician, Todd Milne. While I will not be playing music, I will be performing. Back in the year 2003, I graduated with my Master of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with the concentration on the Creative Process. As part of that degree I had a performance aspect. I performed a movement piece similar to the one I will be doing tomorrow. And, I have performed it for my Creative Studies Class I teach at SCC. But, this time it will be different. I will be completing the activity at a public forum. A place where I am not in control or hosting. I will also be collaborating with a live musician for the piece, something I haven't done before. There is a sense of nervousness about it, but is that a good thing? Yes, it is something new, and I have no idea how the audience is going to respond. While not offensive, it does explore emotions that may make people feel uncomfortable (especially since they many not even know who I am. But, that risk has some excitement. The unknown. And, with age comes honesty. Honesty with yourself. And, the care of what others think is not as important as what you create within yourself. So, just as I will be doing tomorrow, take that risk on your own. Something that makes your feel, but you don't know the outcome. Have fun!Performance