Possibilities vs. Time

We are told, and sometimes we believe it, that we have all the time in the world. In fact, time may be endless, but our possibilities are not. Time used to be a long process. A person could initiate a creative project and see it through to completion and find a personal satisfaction from it. Now, with the speed of technology and our mind-set,we must rush to complete what we begin and move to the next project as quickly as possible. And, if we want to acknowledge what we've done and what we can do, we must realize that time is not an enemy nor a friend. Our goal is to locate what we can accomplish in the time we have. Living every moment at the creation of what we are working on or existing with the joy of being. These are the choices we make. To look back would only poison the mind with regret, and to look too forward will make us fear the moment in which we are living. So, time can bring possibilities and it can bring none at all. The reach to make what we are at the moment the most important is what we need to focus on.