Six Characters Arise

Working with actors of varying levels on a difficult play such as 6 Characters in Search of an Author is challenging, but to see it come alive as the audience watches not knowing what will happen next has its rewards. The creative process to reach the moment of performance is always difficult. What will work, what won't, what needs adjustments, how will the audience react and so many other questions come into the mind of all those involved with the play. But, as the director it is important to give the guidance and enthusiasm needed for those who are working on the play to feel comfortable with the risks and allow them to make the play their own. Once they own it then the true nature of the creative process unfolds and the performance can be free like a bird in the air floating. But, it takes work to reach it. And, the director must create and earn that trust to create the world for the cast and crew. This play, among all others has been a challenge that I am proud to have taken with these actors. If you take the risk with everyone committed then failure will never be found. Here's a nice write-up about it from someone who saw it.

Review of 6 Characters in Search of An Author at Spokane Community College