What May Have Been Lost...What Is To Come

How many times have we thought back to what we could have done only if...well we cannot avoid these thoughts, we shouldn't dwell on them and we can't ignore them either. Then, what is the choice? What else do we have? What if we look back at an opportunity that we didn't take either because we were too scared, afraid of not being prepared enough or that it might simply be a waste of time? Again, what is the answer? Enough with the question. Now, the answer lies in what we are at the moment, at this point as you read this, what you are and what you are capable of doing is within you right now. That doesn't mean you can create a masterpiece of work that will be hailed as the greatest work since, well, the work art, but it does mean that if you had the potential then, you have it now. The doubt that you created in the past is still there, but the realization, self-realization, is now in place to not allow those doubt to take hold of you in the moment. A simple word, action or thought can make the moment more than just a passing dust particle.

I teach classes where I see students eyes focused, yet they never take the risk and say what they think. I highly encourage discussion, yet they only wait for others to speak. I'm not talking about those who are in class because they have to be and don't care about it, I'm talking about the students who care or have learned to enjoy and care about the learning experience in the class. They sit, focused, like a cat, eye's wide, yet mouth closed, always waiting. Waiting to hear others speak. Waiting for the right moment and to have the right words that will never come. The goal is to make the moment. Not with regret or with encouragement for the future. But, making it now. At this moment.