Many times when a person begins a task and doesn't finish it that person thinks he or she is a failure. A failure because the task was not complete. But, everything takes time. Yes, there are tasks that need to be finished and those are simple, everyday tasks or activities that we don't have to think very hard to complete. And, there are tests that need to be met. So, what else is there? Everything. The ideas of improving is one aspect of the process of being. We constantly think of the end result and what must be done. But, when we understand that the process is the most important aspect of anything. It's not about being the best or the luckiest or the most accomplished. The goal is to understand that the process of working on it from one project to the next is where the growth occurs. This new year there are resolutions made because it's important for us to create these goal in order to complete. But, how many times do we create goals that will need to constantly be worked on as we grow? I teach and have for a while as I have created music, wrote, presented, directed and performed. And, out of all the activities I do, teaching is the most difficult. The goal is to have everyone in one room understand what is communicated and be able to apply it. Now, there are up to forty plus students I teach at a time or more depending on the class. How can I make sure each student obtains that knowledge? Tests? Projects? Papers? No. I need to see if they are responding in every way possible. Then, I can learn, grow and continue to improve. This is similar if not exactly like any creative process we are involved.

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