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It's been a short while since my last post. But, I'm back. Now, let's look at the challenge of creative growth. Not the continual growth that happens when learning and developing your skill in the creative field you choose to participate, let's look at more of the field of changing the tools. For example, what if you are used to using oil when painting and you changed to chalk. Now, you are comfortable with the oil and you have developed skill. One one level you might need to change because of cost, supplies at hand or, if it is for work, the client wants something that is chalk. Now, you could easily just put it aside and say, "Nope. No way. I'm good at what I do and the way I do it."

Or, you could take the risk. Use the same skills with a new tool to guide you through the possibilities. This could apply to a musician composing on a piano that now used an ipad, an actor working on a film rather than on stage, a presenter using humor instead of straight doesn't matter the medium, what matters is the need to adjust, concentrate and use the impulses you are used to using in the new area. 

This adjustment is true in all facets of development. Recently, I created two things that were out of my normal range. First, was my new Sceptre album, "Manifestation." I created all my music with synths, voices and instruments. But, this time I used all pre-recorded stuff I did before and found sounds as well as Jenn's voice to manipulate the sound waves. It was a challenge, but I did it. Also, I am not a landscape architect, but I created a weeded area in the backyard into a wonderful rock garden with a fountain and everything. It's not what you do, it's how you do it. 

Also, checkout the Dark Ambient Denver Podcast featuring "Apparition" from "Manifestation."

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