Yes, fear. But, not the type of fear you'd expect. This is the fear of yourself. What does that mean you ask? Well, many of us walk through the day being what we are expected to be for others. Now, there needs to be civility, but what would happen if you just 'let go' sometimes. I don't mean to drink a lot of alcohol and sing Karaoke (even though that may be good for some), but the alcohol numbs who you really are. You are too scared to accept your real self in situation that it's easier to take something that makes it easier. Unless it's clinical, you are only allowing yourself to cover your true self. Yep, the true self. The true creative, open, explorer self who can say, 'yes, I'll do it.' Change is also a part of it. But, that is for another entry. This time let's focus on the aspects of fear of yourself, the judgement of others. That can't be escaped, but you can still explore. You need to allow yourself to take the risk. (Yes, it's a trend from previous blogs, but it's true.) Fear of others or of the results is much stronger and powerful than any external fear. We can understand external pain, but the internal pain, the pain that results from learning your true self, well now, that can do a lot of harm. But, the more true the direction, the sights and the process of self, the more successful you will be overall. Remove the mask and try it.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021