Full Circle

It has come full circle. It's been a year since I first opened my own site, adamcsharp.com. And, I've taught the Creative Studies course beginning last Fall. I have now taught it four times. This is a class I developed right after I graduated with my Master of Arts and was never at the right place to teach it. The positive aspects that the students who have taken it have gained enriching interactions and a better understanding of him/herself and the experience of not only the creative process, but of living. As an instructor, I find this very rewarding. It is also the completion of directing 6 Characters in Search of An Author, a place that I always wanted to direct, but never thought I would direct. These are wonderful surprises I learned this year. And, now it's time to bring to life A Cloud of Victims, a play that I've developed for years. I have a great cast and I'm interested in taking this on the journey. We can never control time, but we can use time. It's important to know how you can use it when you can use it. And, let the possibilities spiral forward into the new goals to reach.

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