"It's Only One Time"

How many times have we (me included) decided to excuse ourselves from venturing forward with what we desire? We have an idea and we go forward but then we allow circumstances stop us. We don't have the experience or the education. Maybe we don't have the tools or the supplies. There are many reasons we can construct to avoid doing what we want to do and what we feel we want to do deep within us. But, it's important to remember that you are stopping you. There have been many people for centuries that have created and actively participated in their own creative process without all the fancy up-to-date tools. They also never had the official education or vast experience behind them. Yet, they continue forward. The creative process is not about perfection but about doing and being. Actively working forward. Yes, there is that need to become more and gain more from it. That cannot be ignored. But, the ultimate goal needs to be the strengths within you to continue forward and respond to those excuses with, "I'm still doing it."

What happens when others do it to us? Ah, you didn't think I was going to go there did you? Well, disappointment is a fact. People will surprise you and they will reveal what they are really capable of doing. But, then again, they may speak the words and even try to act, but they will only be allowing their excuses to take over. That is when they are beginning to melt your fire of inspiration with their ice of weakness. To be honest is important in any collaboration. But, when one individual states what he/she can do, but quits or turns away, then it's time to move on. That person will have to live with his/her own ultimate problems on their own, without you. A lie can be a word or an action. Believe in yourself and don't allow others to break your ice of enthusiasm. Only allow those others to melt away.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021