New Year...Possibilities

As the new year has come there also comes ideas for a new you, new possibilities and high hopes for what is to come in the year. But, are we reaching for something or working towards the continued journey. All journeys have difficult paths and easy paths, and sometimes we need to come to grips and strive forward. The possibilities of where the path goes are endless. But, one fault that can occur is to have one specific goal. That doesn't mean to not be focused on a goal or goals, but to see the possibilities that are available while on the year path. Who will you meet along the way? What experiences will come that you had not planned on? What challenges will evolve? There are always possibilities that arrive or that we see. Yes, a focused plan is important. It is also important to allow yourself to follow onward to see where the next steps lead in this journey. Who knows what might happen?

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021