One Journey Ends...Another Begins

The creative process may be many things, but the product, as wondrous as it may be, is not the purpose. The process is what's the most important. That's why it's called the creative 'process'. But, we do find satisfaction when completing a task. So, how do we balance the cause and effect of the situation? Well, the goal is to work forward and to continue to work through the process. Allow yourself to grow at your pace and not at the pace that is rushed. The best work was completed when the person or people took the time to complete that task. But, that doesn't mean that you take a lifetime or even years, or does it. Yes, there are times when the limitation become a reward for the process. That is the focus of the process. Those are healthy and positive limitations. For example, producing A Cloud of Victims, the cast and crew as well as myself had a limited time of weeks in order to bring the play to a state of performance. And, that was a healthy limitation because it allowed us to continue forward and to be aware that we needed to concentrate as we continued. Now, we may go through PPD (Post Performance Depression) after we are done, but it was the process that was rewarding. PPD can be with any creative process where the process is so rewarding that the end brings a sense of sadness. The next step is to love the results and step forward to the next journey. And, that's a meaning in life too.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021