Every year we have a chance to rethink who we are and what we are as we have grown older. Yes, it's coming to a New Year, but I'm talking more about my birthday that just passed on December 1st. Yes, I am a year older. Some use the phrase, "a year older and a year wiser." That may not be true. It can be, but may not be. But, what is true is the year forces a person to look at him/herself and see what he/she was, who he/she is and what will he/she become. While we always think about these ideas, we don't always feel focused on them. When our birthday comes we have no choice. The year has come and the truth is that we each must be in the moment of our own creation. A renewal of self. This renewal is our choice. The most difficult fact that we have to face is that our choices lead us to who we are at that moment. Both the good and bad choices make us. We have created it. Through out experiences and our views, we have constructed that moment we exist in and live. The most important fact is how positive are we in that moment and what choices it will lead to in our future. The moments that matter and not just the moments that come before us as choices. My moment has come and is coming. And, each of us, including you, have that moment within you.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021