Thank You

Yes, there are times of the year we think about giving and thankfulness. This is that time. And, it's important to be thankful, but I'm going to go a step farther and state that beyond giving, taking and otherwise, there is understanding. And, understanding is a two way street. You can understand the situation of another, but if they don't follow through then it is just a one way street. And, you give what you can and move one. If the person is taking more than the balance, then the harm will come in the form of constant disappointment. This is not to be negative. In fact, there are many times when we creatively give to a situation of project and the return from others either involved or receiving the creative work do not understand and work together through the process. At that point only harm can come (and resentment). Yes, it's important to be thankful and to give, but also understand. Understand what others can give and what you are willing to receive. Because, if the expectations of receiving are great than the disappointment is great. Instead, thank them, the moment, and move on. Then, you allow yourself to creatively grow.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021