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Taking risks. Seeing possibilities. Looking for the moment. I spend much of last year's blog entries looking at these ideas. (Making them into short sentences is for dramatic purposes only.) And, these are the meanings behind any creative venture. I enjoy engulfing myself into these ideas through any creative activity I work on be it writing, music, directing, voice work or anything. And, essentially, the joy comes from not knowing exactly where it will lead. I think of this idea because, not only do I teach others through acting, I also teach them directing. Tomorrow I meet with students I've worked with before and may have directed before, but I am giving them the challenges that they may not even know are there. Then, after they see the scripts I give them (which were original scripts submitted by writers) they are given a new challenge. Then, there is the challenge of casting and, well it all starts to come. Creating a world for an audience for a short period of time is a challenge. It's similar to creating a short sting of music, a short film or a short story. With full length works the creator can slowly develop the and help the audience discover what is revealed. With a short work, the creator music truly launch the audience into the work.

The connection I am making about this project called Scenes of Life I have continued for five years at Spokane Community College and how it relates to you is: how do you discover the creative challenges? Are they given to you? Do you find that you need to connect to another person is a short period of time (direct communication is a form of creative processing)? Or, are there many elements you need to work on to create what needs to be done? Apply these ideas in your next work and see what you are able to discover.

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