The Risk or the Chance

Taking a risk is something we do when we have an idea of an outcome that we hope for, but we feel the chances are slim. Taking a risk is a good thing if we need to just do whatever we need to with very little or nothing to lose. While most of us believe that we have nothing to lose, we soon learn that after we take the risk, we did have more to lose than we had first thought. So, risks are negative if we are not willing to give up everything we already have and own within ourselves. Now, chances are completely different. Chances are those opportunities that might be, could be or possibility. We may still have something to lose, but that is if we put it all on the line and the chance becomes a success or a sad story in our memory that we want to forget.

So, why am I talking about risks and chances? Well, because we see these every day of our lives, but how many of us recognize the difference? How many of us realizes what we are risking or when and if we should take the chance? This is the key to understanding the work we do no matter what field we work. Chances can be positive and rewarding, but they can turn sour. We may not have control over when the chance will be worth it or if we should truly take the risk, but we can be prepared both before and after for the results.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021