The Spirit of Mystery

 The spirit of mystery is the nature of the unknown to come. But, it's more than that. It's about knowing that the moment is valuable and that the mystery of what that moment will mean is just as important as thinking of what is to come. There is joy and sadness in every moment. But, the spirit in which we take it can make the difference between accepting and making. That does not mean we don't feel the pain and the hurt of the moment, but it does mean that we have to know when that needs to pass. Beyond the comparisons and the expectations, there is the spirit of the moment, the spirit of the mystery that we can embrace, if we choose to embrace it. And, we have that choice, even if we don't believe it. It may be more difficult than others to make that choice, but once we do we will understand that it all is transient. Both the joy and the pain. Yep, back to balance. It is the key.


One another note. I discovered that the wonderful ambient radio program, Hearts of Space will be playing two tracks, "Midnight Rider" and "Stark Realizations" from my The Fear Inside CD under my Sceptre alter-ego.

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