To the Next Level

The next level. What does that mean? Does it mean that we are improving? Does it mean that we are having more challenges? Maybe, but it could mean just a new place, a new way of looking at ideas and situations. Also, a new level of understanding. When we venture forward through the creative process we are always searching for the next level of success and the product to be the golden opportunity. But, the truth is that we mostly need to continue to move in a direction that will help us gain what we need. For some it is a new job. Others, it's a new relationship. Or, it could be looking through clouds that we only saw covering the sun. The rain is a fun experience and it is something that we can enjoy. The rain of change. Don't be afraid to experience it. Here's a fun picture taken by the local newspaper of my wife and I.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021