Changes and Challenges

There are challenges in any new attempt. And, those challenges seem too great to handle at times. But, sometimes there are great rewards. Jennifer and I began performing as azure rising back in 2001 and we have performed here and there ever since. We took the challenge and recorded out first album in the small home studio I was using back then. It was a challenge, but came to great rewards. Now, I'm going to be performing with just tablets (an Acer and an iPad). There are challenges and changes with working the limitations and advantages of each. But, the risk is something that is fun and can be rewarding. The goal is to not beat it all on red (or black for that matter) (a little roulette joke). You need to take the risks as they come. What if you don't? What if you'd rather keep it safe and comfortable. That is fine, but you will never know the rewards that are possible. And, yes, failure may come, but as I've stated in other blog entries, there isn't really a failure. More, it is a challenge of the spirit to continue forward. Never let the enthusiasm run dry and the negative views destroy your possibilities. Oh, and the performance I'm speaking of is the SCC Players performance of "The Unknown Zone". Twilight Zone inspired stories for First Night Spokane. And, my brother and I are working on the music for it.

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