Musically, the album is well-done (engineering is solid and the mix is particularly well-developed on some tracks).. . The CD opens with "Sky Merchants" ushered in with synth strings, wood stick beats, and sparse piano. More beats are layered in (the sampled hand percussion is nicely handled throughout the album) and a gentle refrain on electronic keyboards is introduced as well as a simple up/down bass beat progression and cascading synth bells. Slower tempo percussion is featured on "Our Land" along with pan-pipe-like keys and sparkling triangle notes. The midtempo rhythm is counterpointed by the solemnity of the music, accented by the use of synth strings later in the cut.. . . Drifters does display that Adam Sharp is an electronic keyboard player to keep an eye (and ear) on. He has a knack with a variety of electronic and sampled percussion and his keyboard work is a pleasing music with some ambient and quasi-new age textures as well. . . Drifters earns a recommendation from me. I'll be looking forward to A.C. Sharp's next recording to see where he "drifts" to next.--Drifters by A. C. Sharp” - Bill Binkelman

Wind and Wire

As for the music, it's absolutely marvelous.--Drifters by A.C. Sharp” - Jeff

— radiononbiri on Live 365 internet

I am very impressed with the music" --Dark Halls by Sceptre” - Todd M. Bates

— Haunted Voices Radio

Sceptre...creates a collection of atmospheric haunted house soundscapes that would make John Tesh's gonads retract" --Dark Halls by Sceptre”

— Rue Morgue Magazine

Very good CD! A.C.Sharp is a promising new and upcoming Artist in the New Age Genre! I hope he expands his talent into Meditative & Ambiant Music!--Drifters by A.C. Sharp” - Thomas F. Foley "ThunderousTom"

I'm traveling along an ocean highway - smiling." The music creates this image within my daydreams; positive, uplifting music - rhythms to instill movement with one's life. Rhythm is so much a part of our essence - it is refreshing to listen to music that brings rhythm alongside our innate life rhythms. Enjoy your travels along the ocean.My personal favorites: "A Game for Thought" native and personal "Celestial Highway" expansive - thoughts of beginnings "Skyline Drive" moving forward--Drifters by A. C. Sharp” - A Customer

I came across this album purely by accident, but it's a great piece of work. The lead singer's vocals are very soulful and the music is great for a grey day's listening. I'm surprised they haven't received much attention (yet)...--Lessons by azure rising” - Michael D. Melzer

Industrial sounds are fused seamlessly with classical chords and sound effects are convincingly mixed with the music to create cohesive soundscapes...As a series of soundscapes, The Fear Inside provides much for the scare attraction producer to work with, offering a contrasting range of melodic and haunting themes which can easily be looped for continual play.--The Fear Inside by Sceptre”

Scareworld Magazine

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