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Blue Hush Productions specializes in helping to create professional productions through script, direction, music and vision. The aim is to focus on theatrical productions, events, attractions and ceremonies. Blue Hush Productions also includes film, multimedia and many forms of productions. The goal is to help create a fully engaging production or event that will give the audience not just experiences, but memories and moments to remember. Some of the areas of focus are story creation, script writing, musical score, music, songs, choreography and direction. Members include Adam C. Sharp (Writer, Choreographer and Director) (Adam C. Sharp Show Directing Portfolio)and Eric D. Sharp (Composer).



Member of the Themed Entertainment Association



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Adam and Jennifer at Bozzi

Adam C. Sharp with his wife, Jennifer Sharp at the

Bozzi Media Model Competition where he directed and choreographed



Eric D. Sharp Conducting


Eric D. Sharp Conducting

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