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TEA Tuesday Digital Mixer: Show and Tell Time 2

September 14, 2021 2:30PM PT/ 5:30PM ET Register Here! This event was a lot of fun and enjoyed by many the first time we held it, so we want to have a second run of it, and see what other awesome hobbies our peers have. Many of our TEA peers have “hidden” talents and interesting hobbies and others have discovered new talents and hobbies during this challenging time. Some of these talents include things like fine woodworking, sewing/weaving, or making beautiful confectionaries. To strengthen and support our community we invite you to share your talent or hobby, and maybe you will even inspire others to try something new too!

PRESENTERS: Adam C. Sharp, Rhythm of Life Jordan Hill, Kãkau Canteen James Slaton, Astrophotography Judd Nissen, Other People's Slides Hosted by: Bill Kivi, TEA Eastern Board, Creative Director, Art Director


"Hole in the Sky" by Read McColm

Zoom Play

Acting in a Zoom play in remembrance of 9/11. "Hole in the Sky" by Read McColm explores the lives of those who were in the towers as they were hit by the planes and the last hour they had to survive. It also explores the the deep loss of relationships they had with their loved ones.

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