Speaking at Themed Entertainment Association SATE Conference 

I’m speaking at TEA SATE 2022 in Las Vegas in October with Scott and Mark. Join us as we speak on innovations within the industry! Excited to be speaking with Scott Swenson, ICAE and Mark Stepanian, MBA, ICAP with our presentation, “Casting the Crowd.” We will present and share important elements of immersive storytelling and interaction in themed entertainment! #storytelling #TEA #themedentertainment #vegas #TEASATE #immersive

The Green Lantern Principle 

Energy. We create it and we release it. So, where do it generate from? Yeah, food is good. Rest is good. But, the core of it is within ourselves. Now, before you ask: What does all this have to do with The Green Lantern? I will focus on that now. The character of the Green Lantern is a wonderful example of the creative process. He wears a ring that is always a part of him. And, with it he can create anything he can imagine. Yes, that is the creative process. Taking all that you know, all that is possible…

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New A.C. Sharp Album "Later Hours" 

A new album is here. "Later Hours" under my A.C. Sharp recording name. A neoclassical journey from 6pm to 6am. Full of calm exploration of melodies and tones.


A World Full of Secrets by A.C. Sharp 

The time has come...

to release another A.C. Sharp album. 

Join Mister Ace as he faces against Cash Jack in this action-packed soundtrack for a film that does not exist. Let yourself go as you imagine the adventure, the heist, the double-cross and the action as you follow Agent Mister Ace face off with Criminal Cash Jack.

Here is the synopsis:


The opening titles A World Full of Secrets sets the scene of intrigue where we see the preparation of a secret agent and a criminal. We see a man in sunglasses…

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Spokane Entrepreneurs Presentation: Creating the Most Out of Meeting Clients 



Please join us in welcoming our May guest presenter, Adam Sharp.

Adam will be speaking on the topic, "Creating the Most Out of Meeting Clients." 

Choosing the perfect setting for a direct meeting is just the first step increating a successful client interaction. The details are as important as the pitch and the product and/or service you provide. This presentation will introduce four important steps and how they will maximize the means in creating a…

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"Reflections" by Sceptre 

The time has come for A. C. Sharp to go back into the studio and become Sceptre. This time, Sceptre is Emissary Image who brings you light and dark ambient music. Sceptre explores the realms of space and time with "Reflections." Sceptre (Adam C. Sharp) creates ambient soundscapes that explore the dark ambient worlds. But, with "Reflections," Sceptre has explored both the dark and light realms with each track. Created from mostly field recording and found sounds, Sceptre processes and develops the…

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The Movement 

The Movement of anything. What does it mean? A major change in ideas, ideology or systems? The subtle gestures a person makes? Is there a difference? Yes, a gesture or an idea can influence change, but so can a choice. The choice then creates a movement. What is done, how it is done and the way in which it will be done is variable. The goal is that sometime, a movement must be made. It can be as little as standing and taking the risk, making that choice or going forward with a decision that may not be for…

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Everyone is Creative! 

A questions that comes up for many people is "am I creative?" Well, of course you are. Everyone is creative! But, what happens is that there are social norms, ideas for specific outcomes, perspectives, point of views, opinions, experiences and the list goes on. These are ways in which one person or a group decides what is 'good' and what is 'not good.' As Pablo Picasso wrote, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Well, that is a difficult challenge. Since there…

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Creating Memories 

Christmas time is a time for giving, for family, for friends and for the joy of all that it represents. It is also a time of creating. Creating memories, moments, cares and the thoughts of a new year. What can happen is that we obsess about what we haven't accomplished or what we want to accomplish in the future. But, the importance lies in the moment. Existing, feeling, and creating the moments. Learn in the moment. Create the moment and through the moments comes the life you can learn and create…

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What is the Right Creativity? 

As a creative researcher and someone who has participated in the creative process formally and informally through many projects, I always found it fascinating that the study of the creative process spans into cognitive studies and spiritual studies. My Masters projects even focused on connecting the two. But, is there a gauge for this study? Is there a measure of what are the appropriate ways to study the creative process? There are many individuals who would say, 'yes', and others who state that it is…

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