The Green Lantern Principle

Energy. We create it and we release it. So, where do it generate from? Yeah, food is good. Rest is good. But, the core of it is within ourselves. Now, before you ask: What does all this have to do with The Green Lantern? I will focus on that now. The character of the Green Lantern is a wonderful example of the creative process. He wears a ring that is always a part of him. And, with it he can create anything he can imagine. Yes, that is the creative process. Taking all that you know, all that is possible and creating something only you saw. But, there is also that one aspect of the character that is also important. He must recharge the ring in the, yep, green lantern. There is a wonderful series of DC Comics with five recreations of the character, a whole world of ideas and even a movie. What I would like to focus on more is the metaphorical aspects. He is my favorite superhero because it so exemplifies the ideas of the creative process. The ability to create something, anything, but still needing to recharge after a while. We can clearly see the metaphorical aspect of the ring. But, how about the lantern? A person's lantern can be anything. Anything can be that recharge from listening to music, relaxing, exercise, time with a child, pet or loved one. And, that time is important recharge time. Then, it is time to create once again. This is what I call The Green Lantern Principle. Now, go create, and recharge when needed. (Below is me in my Green Lantern hat. Yep!

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