Everyone is Creative!

A questions that comes up for many people is "am I creative?" Well, of course you are. Everyone is creative! But, what happens is that there are social norms, ideas for specific outcomes, perspectives, point of views, opinions, experiences and the list goes on. These are ways in which one person or a group decides what is 'good' and what is 'not good.' As Pablo Picasso wrote, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Well, that is a difficult challenge. Since there are those who create the 'rules' for creativity and decide what is good. Then, others follow through with them as followers and then we have some form of standards or ideology that we decide is the definition of what is creatively good or not good. There are even tests to prove how creative a person is or is not. Yet, they really only test productivity. Remember, creativity is the act of creating or the creative process while productivity is the act of production or producing something. We each have our own choices and experiences and what we create won't follow us after we leave this Earth. But, what we experience fills us for all we are and the moments that make us, us. So, a test cannot be created to quantify it. In my creative studies class I show them images, listen to sounds and even feel inside the container I am holding below. They write their reactions. Individual reactions and personal. This creative experiment reveals the individual creative experience and the creative process is alive. Each of us are creative. Yes, products bring profit, but again, profit will not follow you after life. Enjoy your creative process. Creative Box

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