The Movement

The Movement of anything. What does it mean? A major change in ideas, ideology or systems? The subtle gestures a person makes? Is there a difference? Yes, a gesture or an idea can influence change, but so can a choice. The choice then creates a movement. What is done, how it is done and the way in which it will be done is variable. The goal is that sometime, a movement must be made. It can be as little as standing and taking the risk, making that choice or going forward with a decision that may not be for certain. But, once it is done then other movements can be made. To stand leads to walking, walking leads to a journey and a journey leads to what can be done. But, if that movement is never made then the journey can never begin. While it is a simple thought, it is difficult to actually do. Yes, many of the great movements that lead to changes in systems or institutions were done through the single act of a movement. What movement are you going to make that can lead to your journey?The Road

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