"Reflections" by Sceptre

The time has come for A. C. Sharp to go back into the studio and become Sceptre. This time, Sceptre is Emissary Image who brings you light and dark ambient music. Sceptre explores the realms of space and time with "Reflections." Sceptre (Adam C. Sharp) creates ambient soundscapes that explore the dark ambient worlds. But, with "Reflections," Sceptre has explored both the dark and light realms with each track. Created from mostly field recording and found sounds, Sceptre processes and develops the expansion of those sounds to reach the depths of the imagination.

Reflections begins the journey through time as the clock bell rings and carries you into the inner realms of thought and space, turning time and reaching inward. Unformed helps to create new landscape of thought within you. Vaguely presents the new elements you may explore through the turning of the new time. Fracture layers the times within the creative spaces. Relative brings the sounds inward with the inner voice and expansion of the world. Fragmentary brings the heart of the moment closer with the ebb and flow to time. Division creates the next layer of thought through the process. Unit establishes the moment where you meet yourself and explore from within. Finally, Segmentary, reveals the moment available for you to reach to the next step of the ambient world within.

Take the journey into your creative self and your imagination. "Reflections" by Sceptre is a landscape of sound that will take each listen to a different place to see yourself from within and without through space and time through your reflections.

Enjoy the enjoy!

Sceptre is Emissary Image


Reflections by SceptreReflections by Sceptre (Tracks)

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