Which Way is the Right Direction?

Many of us work through the days, weeks and months doing what we feel is right, or just doing. And, we make the choices that have some or little impact on our daily life. We may not realize it, but the creative search for ourselves is constant and continuous. The only task that is not to help develop the creative force within you is to not make a choice that changes from what you chose before. Difference is creative, but not all the time. The small changes is creative, sometimes. Staying with what works best is creative at times. We need to understand what we are capable of dong and do a little bit more. That challenge within you helps to keep the juices moving, focuses your life and makes time your own. I create music, voice act, write, direct and advise, but there is a point where I need to know the direction at the time. And, through the creative processes within me I learn when to take the risk and make the change or to stay with what works for the moment. Then, choose what I feel is the right direction.

Checkout the poster for a play that I wrote and re-wrote and now directing. The time is coming for me to see how it plays.

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Adam C. Sharp, Copyright 2021