Creative Evolution

There is a constant view that we experience that states creativity can be measured, rated, graded or compared to others. I even spoke to my wife stating what makes our five years old son's art not as valuable of expression as something that is in a museum. The sad truth is that the museum material is something that has support and is told to be important because of the movement or the individual who is promoted by others. Music, visual art, writing and all other forms of creative expression are the evolution of the individual who is creating the material more than how it affects or effects others. Another truth is that we each are a creative process, every relationship, activity, moment is the expression and growth of our inner-self. This can be spiritual. But, on a non-spiritual level, the creative process is living and creative product is death. So, if the product is so important than so is death. It is not how we die, but how we live that makes the difference to our being. Questioning ourselves if we should do that creative activity so that we can receive credit or recognition from others will never be as rewarding as what we create for ourselves. Now go create!

Creative Success

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